Hi there, my name is Subhi, and this is my contribution to the world of travel blogging. You’re welcome 😉

I am a professional university student, working part-time so that I may continue being a student. When I was in my final year of high school and making the life-changing decision of what to study, I knew one thing only – that I would NEVER study psychology. And what am I studying today? You guessed it, psychology. My home is in Sydney, in the south-west to be precise, which isn’t even considered to be a part of “Sydney” by the standards of the suburb-snobs that populate much of this city. I was born in Adelaide, to Uzbek and Uyghur parents, and if you’ve never heard of us before, you’re totally missing out on our awesome food. I am Australian with Uyghur/Uzbek cultural influence, anchored and guided by Islam – this is what shapes the words that I write and the photos that I post here. I love crime shows but I’ve never followed any particular TV series, I am a mediocre drawer/painter who LOVES to draw/paint but lacks original ideas, I dream of being fluent in Classical Arabic one day, writing a book, designing a typeface, and learning to play the drums.

Here’s a little bit about the title of this blog: Saafara is a verb, it is the transliteration of an Arabic word, which means “to travel, to depart, to go on a journey”

Bismillah – In the name of God




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