A Date With Sevilla

And we are now in Spain! Spain is very quiet, clean, and peaceful compared to the bustle of Morocco. The Intrepid Best of Morocco tour was excellent, but the constant moving around (the longest we stayed at one place was 2 nights) and inconsistent wifi left me unable to upload many posts. Here in Spain we are staying at a villa in the small village of Mollina, which is at the border of Malaga, and a good wifi connection is now consistently available. I’ll post more on Morocco later 🙂

We spent our first day in Spain exploring Sevilla, and I’ve fallen in love with Spain already. The quiet cobbled streets, the oranges in the trees like gems bejewelling the city, the cheap and delicious tapas, the kind and helpful people, the music of the talented buskers, the peaceful protests of the people who seek better wages, the immense historic value and beauty captured by the monuments that meld together unique religious and cultural traditions, and the most delicious churros ever…

My friends and I were concerned about finding places to pray in Spain particularly after the ease of prayer in Morocco, but alhamdullilah, finding places to pray was made very easy for us. For Dhuhr we stopped over at a halal eat called Aladdin where the shop owner actually prayed with us. But the most magical part of the day was praying Asr INSIDE the Alcazar!! There were no security guards around and given that it is not peak season, there were very few people around so we took our chances, and I’m so glad that we did because it was an incredible experience. We then prayed Maghreb at the park opposite the Plaza Espana. Being able to pray in public comfortably is such a blessing, and in many ways it has made me fall in love with Sevilla faster than I ever thought possible 🙂

Sevilla 2


Z and I at the entrance of the cathedral:

Sevilla 4

Under the shadow of the Gibralta tower – originally a minaret, Moroccan in architectural style:


Moving on to the Alcazar – I do love the tiles in the paving, and the oranges in the trees:



Another showcase of the gorgeous paving:


THE BEST churros! And just over 3 Euros gets you a massive paper cone of freshly fried churros and a cup full of delicious melted chocolate. This place has been around since 1860, and if you’re looking for churros, I’d suggest you go here – to keep things interesting, they also sell jewellery with semi precious stones. If you’d like their address, they have a Facebook page:


Peace 🙂


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