Step 1: Set a Date and Destination

Stage 1

I am currently in possession of a one way ticket to Morocco. That’s right. One way!!

Stage 1 of this trip will see me going to:

  1. Morocco: Intrepid’s “Best of Morocco” tour – 10kg backpack, come at me!
  2. Spain: Private villa in Malaga has been booked, along with a tour guide. The aim is to cover as much of Southern Spain as we can in 7 days.
  3. Turkey: 5 days and 4 nights at the wonderful city of Istanbul. Visiting Istanbul will feel like going back home. I have missed Istanbul immensely since my last 2-month visit, roughly 2 years ago now.

I am going with 2 AMAZING women who are my good friends. We’re very excited, and the countdown has begun 😀

Stage 2 – in which I will be flying solo – remains a mystery. Stay tuned to find out where in the world I will be going next 🙂


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